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No Men's Land - A project by cym

A Short Description

In her project 'No Men's Land' cym creates a transition of a real life situation into an abstract, almost poetic, composition that can be viewed only by the means of modern technology (a web browser). The original photos show the imaginary lines that define the different European countries and show the transitions of these imaginary lines through recent time.

The real life situations, captured in the different photos, are turned into abstract compositions that are created entirely in HTML, the language used to create websites. The restrictions that occur when creating an image as an HTML-table give each image its special, almost poetic atmosphere or rhythm.

The result is not only a transition from a real life situation into a digital composition, there is also the imaginary transition back to the real life situation, when the viewer watches first the abstract image and tries to imagine what the original source photo could be like, before clicking 'view source'.

Website address: http://cymspace.net/nomensland/


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